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OK, let's back up a little.

The Arm Bibs sleeve is a bib of sorts...for little ones and their messy tasks, particularly self-feeding. Only, this bib is worn on the arms; which makes it not so much a "bib" as a sleeve protector. These soft, super stretchy little sleeves easily slip on over baby's clothes. They cover and protect baby's shirt and sweater sleeves as he drags his arms through his food (or paint, or whatever the adventure entails). Arm Bibs sleeves are meant to be worn WITH your conventional neck bibs and art smocks. In fact, they really make the perfect complement to the bibs and smocks you already own.

Why we don't like long-sleeve bibs.

Until this year, the only product addressing messy shirt cuffs and food-caked elbows was the long-sleeved bib -- a smock-style bib that has long-sleeves attached to it at the shoulders. The fact is, long-sleeve bibs are bulky and unwieldy on our little ones, and they are often so poorly sized that the sleeves are too short to even reach baby's shirt cuffs. Alternatively, Arm Bibs sleeves are clingy and both less bulky and less cumbersome -- this means more freedom for baby to move around and explore. You'll notice that an Arm Bibs sleeve is placed right at the cuff where it is needed, so it fits well for several years of mess making. Arm Bibs sleeves are small and simple which makes them easy to put on, easy to wear, and easy to launder.

You'll use them for years.

These little sleeves are great tools for supporting all sorts of independence.

EAT! (at about 9 months) - Arm Bibs sleeves offer a simple solution to the age-old mess of introducing solid foods. Don't hesitate to let your child grab his own spoon and dig around... Arm Bibs sleeve protectors allow you to leave messy meals behind in a flash.

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MOVE! (at about 13 months) - Is your baby just learning to toddle around on her wobbly little legs when the summer heat strikes? Concrete is brutal on baby's bare knees, but pants are just too stifling in hot weather. Well, let her toddle around in her diaper, but pull on a pair of Arm Bibs sleeves over her knee caps to put a little something between her skin and the cement.

PLAY! (at about 18 months) - Whether it is food or paint, your toddler/preschooler still doesn't know where she is smearing her elbow. Control the mess without crimping her creative spirit -- slip-on a pair of Arm Bibs sleeve protectors with that art-smock and let her have at it. They'll hold her sleeves up out of the way so she can get to work without minding where her elbows go.

Miss E wearing Arm Bibs sleeves while playing The Artist. Notice her elbows? She doesn't.
Toddler Q wearing Arm Bibs sleeves while enjoying carrot puree