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How We Ship and What You Pay

To reduce waste AND shipping costs for our customers, shipping packaging is minimal and our carrier of choice is the United States Postal Service.  We offer our customers First Class Mail Package Rates (starting at $3.00 for 1 Arm Bib) and Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes ($12.85).   Read below for a description of our shipping materials, shipping transit times and our order processing time to help you decide the best shipping method for your needs.  If you'd like to send your order to an address outside the USA, please see our International Shipping note below for more information.

Shipping Table

* Please note: these figures do not reflect the cost of purchasing product. These figures only reflect the cost to SHIP the product to you.  This shipping cost will be added to your product purchase cost when you check out.

Qty - pairs ordered
Shipping Method Your Shipping Costs*
1 First Class Mail Package $3.00
2 First Class Mail Package $3.00
3 First Class Mail Package $3.00
4 First Class Mail Package $3.50
5 First Class Mail Package $3.50
6 First Class Mail Package $3.50
7 First Class Mail Package $4.00
8 First Class Mail Package $4.00
9 First Class Mail Package $4.00
10 First Class Mail Package $4.00
11 to 36 Priority Mail Flat Rate Box $12.85
36-72 and up 2 - Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes $25.50 (total for both)
Shipping Materials and Packaging
First Class Mail Packages - We use a 10" x 13" Tyvek envelope for all orders small enough to go by the First Class Mail Package rate. Please understand that while this Tyvek envelope is very sturdy and not expected to rip or allow water to reach your purchase, it IS flexible and your product's packaging/tags may be crimped and damaged by the time they arrive at your door. If you are planning to give items in your order as a gift and you expect to be bothered by crimped packaging/tags, you should upgrade your shipping method to one of the more protective envelopes or boxes offered at the Priority Mail Flat Rate prices.

Priority Mail Flat Rate envelopes and boxes - We use United States Postal Service issued Flat Rate envelopes (made of a thin cardboard) and boxes (made of shipping cardboard) for these packages.

Shipping Transit Time (as stated by the United States Postal Service)
First Class Mail Packages = "1-3 days"
Priority Mail Flat Rate envelopes and boxes = "1-3 days on average"

Order Processing Time
We process and ship orders about twice a week (sometimes more). When calculating the arrival date of your cute new Arm Bibs, please allow 3-5 days "processing" time in addition to the transit time required for the shipping method you choose. Currently, most people receive their Arm Bibs within 5 days of placing an order.

International Shipping
Costs for internationally shipped items are calculated on a case by case basis. If you'd like an estimate before you order, drop us an email with some specifics as to how many pairs you will be ordering and as to which country they will be sent. International costs aren't as awful as you might think. For example, we can send 5 pairs of Arm Bibs to the UK for $10 with a 6-10 day delivery window (via USPS First Class package).