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Made in the USA - Simply
Arm Bib sleeves are made in a US knitting mill that has been owned and operated by the same family since 1932. We didn't add any harsh, stain-retardant chemicals or any impervious plastic coatings of questionable content. We went simple, for baby's sake.

Fiber Content
65% combed cotton; 34% nylon; 1% spandex

Care Instructions
Machine wash warm, with like colors. Tumble dry low heat.

Our Arm Bibs sleeve colors were crafted to camouflage the stains of typical first-foods. Remember, the goal is to keep the stains off the clothes and ON the Arm Bib sleeves. Please don't fret if your Arm Bibs themselves get stained. That's normal, and better than the alternative!

One size fits most babies and toddlers (ages 6 to 18 months) offering coverage from the wrist up past the elbow. For older toddlers and preschoolers (ages 19 months to 4 years) this size still offers good protection at the cuffs for meal-time and art-time messes, especially if you use the Arm Bib sleeve to pull-up and hold your child's clothing sleeve right around the elbow. My daughter (now 4 years old) wears Arm Bib sleeves and one of my old T-shirts when she is enjoying a messy painting or gluing project -- they not only cover her shirt sleeves, but they help hold her shirt sleeves up above her elbows and out of her way while she works.

Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA)
The new CPSIA enacted in late 2008 requires all children's products to prove they are low in lead and free of phthalates. Fabric products, like the Arm Bibs sleeve, are normally lead and phthalate free - the standard dyes used in American textile mills are lead free and phthalates are only found in plasticized products. So you can rest assured that our product is naturally lead and phthalate free.

The CPSIA also requires every manufacturer of children's products to issue what is called a General Certificate of Conformity (GCC) - a company's GCC will provide information regarding various Consumer Product Safety Regulations and how a particular product complies with those regulations. (You can find ours offered here as a PDF.) In addition, the CPSIA requires all children's products manufactured after August 2009 to be permanently labeled with specific data that will enable a consumer to more easily trace a product back to its source. We create Arm Bibs sleeve protectors in small batches and we have only one knitting mill working for us. We can easily provide you with any manufacturing information you'd like. Although we aren't required to provide tracking labels for anything produced before August 2009, we happily provide you with this tracking data for all of our stock, below. If you'd like information other than what is required by the CPSIA, just let us know and we'll help you get that too.

CPSIA Required Tracking Label
For Arm Bibs sleeve protectors purchased after February 2008:
Location of Manufacture: North Carolina, USA
Date of Production: January 2008
LOT Number: 001

Arm Bib sleeve protectors support all sorts of independence.
Eat! Arm Bibs sleeves offer a simple solution to the age-old mess of introducing solid foods. Don't hesitate to let your child grab his own spoon and dig around... Arm Bibs sleeve protectors allow you to leave messy meals behind in a flash.
Move! Is your baby a summer walker... meaning, is she just learning to toddle around on her wobbly little legs when the summer heat strikes? Concrete is brutal on baby's bare knees, but pants are just too stifling in hot weather. Well, let her toddle around in her diaper, but pull on a pair of Arm Bibs sleeves over her knee caps to put a little something between her skin and the cement.
Play! Whether it is food or paint, your toddler/preschooler still doesn't know where she is smearing her elbow. Control the mess without crimping her creative spirit -- slip-on a pair of Arm Bibs sleeve protectors with that art-smock and let her have at it. They'll help hold her sleeves up out of the way so she can get to work without minding where her elbows go!