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Unlike my very tidy daughter, my son can make a mess of any meal. Rather than change his shirt five times a day (or more) we save laundry detergent, and more importantly, my sanity, by keeping him cleaner with Arm Bibs. We love them!    - Amy B., happy customer from Oregon

Incredibly useful, right from the time we started finger foods. My daughter could explore her food without me worrying about changing her clothes after every meal. I think the lack of "cleanliness concerns" enables her to have a healthy perspective on food and we have a great time together at meals. I would recommend them to every mother!   
 - Nicole S., from Wisconsin

Anything that saves me a wardrobe change (or three!) and lessens the laundry is a no-brainer in my book. The icing on top is that they are comfy-cozy, easy on-off, and come in fun colors. Next time, I'm ordering a few extra for gifts.      - Christine D., from Arizona

Arm Bibs Rock! I love these. I use them as soon as my babies start solid foods. They've saved many long sleeved shirts from staining. The colors are great because they are similar to the foods that my babies eat. The fabric seems to wash really well (no stains or shrinking) and you can't beat the price! Thanks for this great product!     - Susan B., from Oregon

My daughter wore them on Friday when we painted Easter eggs.  She had on a nice long sleeved shirt that I didn’t want getting dirty, and the Arm Bibs did the trick.  At first I thought she wouldn’t keep them on, but she didn’t want me to take them off when we were done!  She apparently thought they were fun to wear!  Now she runs over to put them on before we eat.     - Peggy H., from Wisconsin

Arm Bibs are a wonderful idea….something practical, beautiful, made in the USA, and that can make a parent’s life easier while supporting a child’s newly found independence.    - Linda W., from Oregon

We have a set of Arm Bibs for each of our kiddos for meals and a set for messy art projects. The kids love to wear them as accessories, sporting them around the rest of the day. I would imagine these would really come in handy at preschools and elementaries too.     - Molly as posted on

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Arm Bibs sleeves featured in Metro Parent Magazine (September 2010) *** Portland's Metro Parent Magazine featured Arm Bibs and the product's creator in an article focused on cool baby gear and the local moms that create it. pg. 26 of the Baby and You 2010/2011 issue, article titled "Mother's of Invention, Cool Gear for Babies and New Mamas - Designed by Local Moms".

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The Everyday Mama blog includes Arm Bib sleeves in their round-up of favorite feeding gear (September 2009) blogger Jace Shoemaker writes about Arm Bibs sleeves (May 2009)

Arm Bibs sleeves now available in the Portland Children's Museum art studios (Jan 2009) *** So visit the Chidren's Museum and let your kids get creative in the art room. Paired with an art smock, Arm Bibs sleeves let your kids get into it, without getting into it.

Portland parenting magazine puts Arm Bibs sleeves on its annual "Best Baby Gear" list (Oct 1, 2008) *** Metro Parent Magazine (a Portland area publication) released its annual Cool Stuff for Baby and You article today and Arm Bibs sleeve protectors made the list! This short list of the latest and greatest gear and gadgets for mamas and babies will likely be read by more than 100,000 Portland area parents.

“We’ve sifted through a mountain of new mama and baby products and applied the ‘Metro-Parent Two-Pronged Baby Stuff Test’: Is it functional? Is it fun?”, explains Metro Parent Magazine of its annual article dedicated to gear.

The magazine is available for free at over 1,100 locations in the Portland Metro area (like libraries, schools, community centers, and family focused retail locations). It provides researched, solution-oriented features, as well as a comprehensive monthly listing of the area’s family-friendly events. The Metro Parent Magazine article titled Cool Stuff for Baby and You is available on pages 30-31 in the 2008-09 Your Baby & You Guide.

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