Necessity is the mother...

And so it was with this story as well. I made Arm Bibs sleeve protectors for my own daughter shortly after she began digging into solid foods, and I made them out of frustration. We live in a cooler climate, so we spend nine months out of the year in sweaters and long-sleeves. My eight-month-old daughter's foray into avocados and sweet potatoes meant a lot of wardrobe changes and stubborn laundry for me. A conventional bib is a partial solution, but there was no keeping my daughter's sleeves out of her food... all the way up to her elbows.

Baby E wearing Arm Bibs sleeve prototypes and enjoying black beans.
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I tried rolling-up her sleeves -- they never stayed rolled-up long enough. I tried undressing her before meals -- that seemed too cold and also meant extra baths, which are as time-consuming as stained laundry. I tried just changing her clothes after every meal -- but my child hated being fussed with and changing her clothes was just too upsetting for both of us. As the food caked on our limited supply of baby sweaters, I began to seek a solution. Then one morning it hit me (the solution, that is) and the Up To The Elbows! Arm Bibs sleeve was born! I began making Arm Bibs sleeves for my daughter that very same day -- she was eight-months old then.

We've been our own Arm Bibs sleeve test lab these last two years. As such, my original design has undergone a few improvements to make it the sweet little product you find for sale today. I am proud to say that today's little Arm Bibs sleeves are just the thing I always wanted them to be.

They are clingy enough so as not to be bulky and get in baby's way. They are stretchy enough (read, highly stretchy) to easily open wide and quickly slip on baby's little arms, in spite of said arms being perpetually in motion. They are thick enough to absorb and block most messes from passing through to baby's sleeves. They go far enough up baby's arm to cover her elbows, but not so far as to get too bulky or encumber her movement. And they are cute... just plain cute, and funny, with their little food-stain colors and names.

So, I hope you enjoy them. I hope the color names made you laugh a little the first time you read them. And, I also hope they make that parent-job a little easier on you.

Stephanie Stewart
Parent and Creator of Arm Bibs sleeve protectors