Protect their sleeves from the mess!

When Baby first commandeers her own spoon, the result is...a mess! Babies don't just dribble their food, they drag their arms through it smearing stuff all over their sleeves.

Arm Bibs sleeves protect baby's shirt sleeves from all sorts of trouble, allowing parents to leave messes behind without inconvenient wardrobe changes. Easy to use (no ties or fasteners to fuss over), easy to wear (they're clingy, not bulky) and easy to launder, Arm Bibs sleeve protectors make the perfect complement to the bibs and art-smocks you already own. In fact, they're the missing mate bibs have always needed. This soft, super-stretchy little sleeve is available in hip colors that are sure to make you smile.

Ideal for New Self-Feeders

Made in the USA

Created by a Parent

Useful for Years

Colors inspired by food stains!
ex: Smeared Avocado (bright green)
Sweet Potato Mash (orange)

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Support their Independence

Whether he is digging into some of his first foods, or she is diving into her hundredth masterful painting let them do so without you hovering over the mess. Arm Bibs sleeves are a simple addition to your child's feeding bibs and art-smocks. Quickly slipped on and off again, Arm Bibs sleeves can make your job a little easier without slowing them down or crimping their style. So, go ahead and let them at it!

Great for Messy Art Projects

Ever notice how your preschooler isn't aware of
her own elbows, or where they are or what they are getting into? Of course she isn't, she's busy. Arm Bibs sleeve protectors are handy to have around for your
toddler and preschooler art projects. They'll hold her sleeves up out of the way so she can get to work without minding where her elbows go.